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Bed and Breakfast + Kitchen

Holidays in a farmhouse in the Veneto region in rooms and apartments cozy and comfortable, absolutely unique and worth visiting just for the wonderful view of the lagoon of Venice.
The farm holidays in Jesolo Barena suggest quite different from what you can do in a hotel.
We offer the hire of motor boats to the islands near Venice, rather than the ability to give your holiday a relaxing time walking in the quiet of a natural park that surrounds the house, or simply lying on the deck of the spacious terraces of apartments to be kissed by the sun.
Only this is a farm holiday in Jesolo The Barena? Absolutely not because tradition for generations to offer excellent cuisine with meat and fish specialties, typical of the Veneto, all planted strictly in the company for some tasty theme nights.
Wellness of body and mind, interesting cooking classes, an area rich in cultural tours to do, make that in this farm in Veneto it possible to make holidays in Jesolo near Venice very special.

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Our farm

Agriculture plays an important role in our farm and we distinguish ourselves by our specific, high quality products. We produce traditional products that have close ties with the region such as artichokes, jujubes, wild cherries and a variety of seasonal vegetables. Saltwater aquaculture also has a fundamental role. Our fish are bred naturally in a system where no food is added but only the water is changed. The fish, flathead grey mullet, goby, silverside, shrimp and lagoon crabs, feed on substances such as plankton that are found in salt water. We also breed farm animals such as mallards (a duck commonly found in the lagoon) and roosters. We raise our animals in a way that respects their dignity and the relevant legal regulations.

The region

Being in direct contact with the countryside and agriculture is the most authentic form of rural tourism and the best way to collect and preserve memories and experiences. Do not forget that farmers are the ENTREPRENEURS OF THE LAND and, with their work, they protect and improve the environment. Farmers ensure the quality of their products, and respect the environment and local cultures. It is a way of adding value to farmland in order to also promote, in addition to the beauty of beaches and historical towns, typical products and values that are deeply seated in tradition.


In the splendid setting of the Venetian barene (shoal or sandbank), in the calm of the north lagoon, is La Barena, which has occupied this quiet corner of the Venetian lagoon since 1928, when Granddad Gioacchino and Grandma Rosina built the first farm building. The family has been here for four generations. Gianni, Michele and Loredana continue to stay true to the roots and traditions of the region. La Barena farmhouse in Jesolo is the ideal place for a peaceful, relaxing holiday near Venice, or for receptions and corporate events. It is located in a unique geographical area where public roads and modern construction projects are not allowed, making it a magical, serene setting for boat trips, bike rides or nordic walking. At the farmhouse you can either stay in a ROOM or an APARTMENT. A farmhouse in Jesolo with excellent cuisine made up of meat, fish and vegetables. We try to keep our cuisine as natural as possible, both in the production of fresh, local and seasonal products and in the cooking, in order to enhance the flavours and the nutritional properties of the food.