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Kitchen "La Barena"

Our dishes are closely tied to the region with flavours and fragrances typical of the lagoon's cuisine, which are delicate yet intense like the land they come from. For example we have barene crab, grilled mullet, mallard duck and seasonal vegetables, which are all produced in an environmentally friendly way. Our products are produced and cooked with passion, guaranteeing you are eating the best that nature and man's ingenuity has to offer, from the lagoon to the fish farms.

The Terrace

Get your day off to a good start if you find yourself at the lagoon for a walk or to see our unforgettable sunrises. Stop and sample our homemade desserts with jams we’ve made from jujubes, wild cherries, and figs. Raised in a way that respects their well-being, the hens Carla, Luigina, and Angela provide our eggs.
- Instead, if you love bikes and dirt roads, stop for a snack with local cheeses, platters of local cold cuts – all accompanied by our marinaded vegetables.
- At lunch you can instead choose from our home-cooked barena fry, mallard, roasted cockerel fed naturally and respects their natural growth so we can guarantee tasty, wholesome meats, accompanied by our home-grown seasonal vegetables.

Banquets and Ceremonies

Our farmhouse is a perfect and original place to organise your private parties, banquets and ceremonies in Jesolo, located in the north of the Venetian lagoon.

For example, a bride and groom and their guests can arrive at the farmhouse by boat to celebrate their wedding in the Venetian lagoon with traditional dishes from typical Venetian cuisine.

Our farmhouse in Jesolo is also a great setting for other important days and we offer excellent meat and fish dishes, such as risotto with goby fish, pasta with crab, and a platter of fried fish from the Venetian lagoon. All of our recipes have been patiently handed down from generation to generation, right up until today. Would you like to learn more about what we offer for parties and banquets?